GOT7’s BamBam Has Been Re-watching All Of GOT7’s Videos During His Quarantine — And He Feels Proud

He also hinted at a big surprise coming soon!

GOT7‘s BamBam has returned to South Korea after spending some time in his home country of Thailand, and it seems like quarantine has had him on a bit of a nostalgia trip.

BamBam went on live to talk with fans on both January 11 and 12, as his activities are otherwise restricted due to quarantine. As usual, BamBam made fans laugh plenty of times with some hilarious moments during his live streams, such as when a fan asked him when we would see ‘actor BamBam’ and he replied “never.

Or when he signed off with his signature phrase…but waited for fans to say it back to him before turning off the live stream.

Ahgases were also highly amused when BamBam said that he’d watched Jackson‘s new music video and that he liked the animation, but hadn’t understood any of the lyrics.

But in his more recent live stream, BamBam also made some more serious comments. He gave his heartfelt thanks to Ahgases in Thailand for giving such a warm welcome to his team…

…who now can’t wait to go back there! But perhaps even more touchingly, BamBam said that he had been re-watching all the GOT7 music videos while he was in quarantine. In fact, he said he’d watched all the dance practice videos too!

After binging all those videos, BamBam says he feels like the members have come very far, and we can’t help but agree! In fact, all the upcoming projects by the members prove just how much they’ve grown with the fact that they are now expressing their identities in their own ways through their new music.

The best thing is that, no matter how far they go, the members continue to stick together and support each other. January 16 will mark the debut anniversary for GOT7, so fans will be able to celebrate everything the members have accomplished so far as a team and as individuals. In fact, BamBam dropped hints during his live stream that something big was happening on that day!

BamBam’s nostalgic binge-watch of GOT7’s videos is extremely relatable, but hopefully he also feels just as proud of GOT7 as Ahgases are. Now we can’t wait to see what’s coming on January 16!