Fans Notice An Interesting Pattern In The Upcoming Projects Of GOT7’s Members

It really shows how far they’ve all come as artists!

January of 2022 is shaping up to be an extremely busy month for the members of GOT7, many of whom are releasing new albums or new songs. Jackson Wang has just released his touching new song, which he says is his most personal yet, while Jay B gears up to release a new album as Def. Additionally, BamBam is releasing his new album B, while Mark Tuan prepares for new single “My Life.”

And if that wasn’t enough for Ahgases, it is also going to be GOT7’s anniversary on January 16! GOT7 is really blessing fans with a busy schedule this month…

…and it’s a lot to handle!

But some fans have noticed an interesting pattern in the members’ upcoming releases, one which perhaps shouldn’t be surprising given where they are as artists. After all, they’ve come such a long way!

A year after the group left their former label, JYP Entertainment, the members have thrived as artists with solo careers while still remaining together as a group. Even though they are spread out in different countries, they have shown that their friendship is stronger than ever, with them supporting each other through their individual projects and achievements. And while it is sad that fans can’t see them together all the time, this year has clearly been a year of growth for the members, and it is natural that their new albums would reflect that. After beginning their solo careers in 2021, they now are coming back with a stronger sense of self in 2022.

It seems like the members of GOT7 are taking the chance to really express their identities through their music this year. They are all amazing artists and have much to offer, and while it will always be amazing to have them together as a group, it is also great to see them come into their own as soloists, telling their own stories. Fans couldn’t be more proud! In fact, looking at the line-up of amazing releases coming out, Ahgases are not ok.

It’s been amazing to see the members all grow so much as artists this past year. GOT7 has really made Ahgases proud! We can’t wait to see far they go in the future, both as a group and as solo artists!