GOT7’s Jackson Wang Playfully “Shades” BamBam While Traveling Back To Korea

He gave BamBam a new nickname!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang playfully “shaded” BamBam during his recent trip to South Korea.

GOT7’s BamBam (left) and Jackson Wang (right).

Jackson Wang returned to South Korea today following his recent U.S. promotions for his new single “Blow” and his history-making performance as the first Chinese artist to take the stage at the music festival Coachella.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang performing at “2022 Coachella.”

At the airport, Ahgases met him and asked about recent statements made by his fellow GOT7 member BamBam. One told Jackson that BamBam had previously told them to travel to Korea in June and asked what it meant.

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Jackson couldn’t help but smile at the question, knowing exactly what they were talking about. He seemingly “threw shade” at BamBam for always spoiling everything, even giving the “Spoiler King” a new version of the nickname.

Doesn’t he tell everybody anything? He’s Mr. Spoil, Mr. Spoiler.

— Jackson Wang

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Compared to the “new nickname” BamBam gave Jackson last year, it’s quite nice!

BamBam has been in “hot water” with his members this year for frequently spoiling their plans. He accidentally let it slip at the start of the year that GOT7 would have a group comeback.

He also told Ahgases when Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan had arrived back in Korea. Besides that, he said that if all members are in Korea, the comeback is happening!

Recently, BamBam had also told Ahgases that they should travel to Korea in June, causing speculation that GOT7’s comeback would be in that month; hence, Ahgase’s question to Jackson at the airport. Now, Jackson is not the only one flying back to Korea. BamBam actually is too…

He was recently back home in Thailand and held his PREMIUM LIVE fanmeeting.

Watch the video of Jackson talking to fans at the airport below:

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