GOT7’s BamBam To Release New Single Under NBA Franchise Label Golden State Entertainment

This ambassadorship keeps getting better and better!

GOT7‘s BamBam will release a new single under Golden State Entertainment.

GOT7’s BamBam performing at the Warriors’ halftime show. | @Le3ay/Instagram via @bambam1a/Instagram

The Northern California NBA (the National Basketball Association) franchise the Golden State Warriors launched Golden State Entertainment (also known as GSE) on Monday, April 18. It will produce everything from music, documentaries, and more nonbasketball events.

The Warriors understand that we are already engaged in storytelling. We’re already deeply ingrained in culture. How do we tell stories and develop original content that goes deeper than before.

—  David Kelly via CNBC

| @Le3ay/Instagram via @bambam1a/Instagram

The Golden State Warriors’ top legal executive David Kelly will serve as the chief business officer for the new division, Golden State Entertainment. He told CNBC that they hope to “leverage the team’s brand outside of sports,” “telling the stories of people that shape culture and move culture.” So, some first projects include documentaries highlighting former NBA players.

It’s a story that needs to be told. …We want to tell some Warriors stories, and we think we’re well-positioned to be able to tell those stories, but we’re not limiting ourselves to Warriors stories.

—  David Kelly via CNBC

Andrew Wiggins (left) and BamBam (right). | @warriors/Instagram

Yet, there is already news regarding music production. The Golden State Warriors’ Global Ambassador BamBam, who is signed to ABYSS Company, will be releasing a new song for Golden State Entertainment. Unfortunately, there’s not much news yet at this time regarding the collaboration.

Content is king. Whether you’re talking about content in the form of games, whether you’re talking about content in the form of music, in the form of films – the ability to generate content that speaks to people will always be central.

—  David Kelly via CNBC

BamBam with dancers at the Warriors game. | @sk8soxer/Instagram

Recently, BamBam performed at the Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers game on Thursday, April 8, during halftime as part of the regular-season finale at the Chase Center. He debuted the new song “Wheels Up,” featuring Mayzin, and made history, becoming the first K-Pop idol to perform for the NBA.

Additionally, the Warriors have already released exclusive merchandise as part of a partnership with BamBam.

| @bambam1a/Instagram

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Source: CNBC

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