GOT7’s BamBam Makes History As First K-Pop Idol To Perform NBA Halftime Show, Shouts Out Favorite Player, And More

He performed as the Golden State Warriors’ Global Ambassador.

GOT7‘s BamBam has officially made history as the first K-Pop idol ever to perform an NBA (the National Basketball Association) halftime show.

Earlier this week, BamBam arrived at San Franciso, California. During this time, he toured the Golden State Warriors‘ arena, the Chase Center, met the players, and rehearsed his show as the team’s Global Ambassador!

Additionally, he and the Warriors released collaborative merchandise. On the day of its release, they held a meet and greet at the Warriors’ gift shop at Thrive City.

The hype has been very real for BamBam’s history-making show!

BamBam performed at the Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers game on Thursday, April 8, during halftime as part of the regular-season finale. BamBam did some interviews, speaking with radio and networks ahead of the game.

Warriors on NBC Sports Bay Area interviewed BamBam, and they talked about how he became the Golden State Warriors’ Global Ambassador. He explained that his management had proposed the idea.

Of course, BamBam had to weigh in on 2022 NBA Finals predictions! He is certainly biased, though but also not wrong.

BamBam also revealed his favorite NBA player! It’s none other than Stephen Curry.

BamBam also spoke with Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) before heading to the game.

Of course, he had to speak to his mom before the big event too!

BamBam had lots of support, from the Warriors to his mom to his Ahgases. Many fans came out to support!

Ahgases also shared moments at the game, revealing that a GOT7 playlist was the music in the arena.

Some lucky fans even got to sit across from BamBam!

BamBam truly took over the Chase Center. His name was all over the arena!

Whether you could attend or not, there were many updates on social media to live vicariously through. Warriors on NBCS, the Chase Center, and the Warriors’ social media accounts all shared updates throughout.

BamBam debuted his new single “Wheels Up,” featuring Mayzin, and performed “Pandora” and “Ride or die” during halftime. It was truly legendary as he also had a swag custom fit!

Again, the arena played GOT7 music as BamBam exited.

Ahgases reported that the arena was jam-packed during BamBam’s show. He mesmerized everyone!

Normally, people take advantage of halftime for a break to get food or go to the restroom, etc. It was a first that so many people were present during a halftime performance!

Dub Nation (Warriors’ fandom) at home also enjoyed BamBam’s performance. Many left positive comments on related posts.

BamBam can truly make a fan out of anyone!

Naturally, “BAMBAM AT NBA GAME” and “#BamBamxGSW” trended worldwide on Twitter. No one could stop talking about the historic event.

Now, this was not only BamBam’s first halftime performance, but this was actually his first time attending an NBA game, although he’s been a fan for years! So, he got to enjoy the game before and after his performance.

He looks like he truly had a great time!

He was even featured on the dance cam!

Who better to make dance on the spot? He’s a true professional, after all!

And, obviously, the Golden State Warriors won the game… with BamBam’s help!

After the game, BamBam stopped to take pictures. He posed with dancers and fans.

BamBam shared some great pictures from his halftime performance on social media that perfectly captured the energy.

He also flexed the Warriors’ rings!

And he responded to Chase Center’s post about the win!

Ahgases couldn’t be more proud of BamBam! He truly deserves all the success and happiness.

Ahgases congratulated BamBam on making history at the game as the first K-Pop idol to perform for the NBA.

It’s amazing to look back and see how much he has grown. He has been a part of Dub Nation for many years. That fan is now the Golden State Warriors’ Global Ambassador performing at halftime!

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