Eagle-Eyed Ahgases Discover Hint Of A GOT7 Comeback

GOT7 is still alive!

The GOT7 members have been low-key, dropping hints that there will soon be a group comeback…

From left: BamBam, Jackson Wang, Jay B, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark Tuan, and Yugyeom. | GOT7/YouTube

At the start of 2022, GOT7’s official “Spoiler King” BamBam dropped a spoiler during his “BamBam 2nd Mini Album [B] ONLINE SHOWCASE.” He had been asked about the group, and despite his best attempts not to reveal too much, he still said more than he meant to…

While the other members have attempted to do “damage-control” and refute BamBam’s statements, they’re all bad liars.

Additionally, both BamBam and Mark have recently rocked some of their old and iconic fits. Ahgases have wondered if this was a hint of some sort.

| Twitter

Now eagle-eyed Ahgases (GOT7 fans) have discovered further evidence that supports the theory that GOT7 will soon have a full group comeback.

Ahgases recently noticed that the official GOT7 YouTube channel had been updated…

| GOT7/YouTube

The channel had not had activity for a whole year since the GOT7 members departed from JYP Entertainment and released “Encore.” That is until now.

| GOT7/YouTube

There’s now two recognizable updates to the channel. Firstly, the URL that takes you to GOT7’s YouTube channel was originally random. It has been updated with a clear message: GOT7 STILL ALIVE. 

| GOT7/YouTube

It has even been updated yet again to include GOT7 in all caps.

If that wasn’t enough to make Ahgases suspicious of a comeback, there’s another update. All of the members’ individual YouTube channels are now included in GOT7’s featured section on the website.

Considering one can make changes like creating a custom URL with only 100 subscribers and after having an account for 30 days, it’s clear that these changes were done at this time intentionally. Could BamBam be behind this comeback hint too?

Ahgases are also suspecting when exactly the comeback will be…

Whenever it is, we’ll be ready!

Unsurpisiginly, since the discovery, GOT7-related hashtags have been trending on Twitter. The top one is, of course, “#GOT7StillAlive.”

We’re eagerly anticipating a full group comeback!

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Source: GOT7


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