We’re Certain Now That GOT7 Is Preparing A Comeback—Here Are All The Reasons Why

The members keep dropping hints.

We’re certain that a GOT7 comeback is happening soon, and the members are preparing for it. Hear us out. We can fully explain why.

The last OT7 GOT7 selfie. | @jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram

First of all, Yugyeom‘s mom recently spoiled her son’s upcoming comeback. She mentioned it being in March, but whether it’s solo or group, she didn’t say.

Yugyeom (left) with his mom (right).

Yet, GOT7’s official “Spoiler King” himself, BamBam, let it slip that the group was not only discussing a group comeback but that he even knew a potential date. This alone has us certain that we’ll get a full group comeback soon.

Still, there’s even more evidence. Since then, some of the members have responded to comeback rumors. The first was Jinyoung when he reacted to BamBam’s spoiling of their upcoming comeback. He held an Instagram Live, and during that time, someone informed him. His response was nothing short of suspicious.

‘Do you know that BamBam spoiled the GOT7 comeback?’… He’s always … makes … problem and trouble.

— Jinyoung

Now, if you thought Jinyoung’s reaction was suspicious… The other members were even more so.

Later on, BamBam confessed to Youngjae that he spoiled “nothing special” when he guested on Youngjae’s radio show. Yet, Youngjae’s reaction to the news communicated that it was, in fact, something so special you would fear it would be spoiled.

I didn’t want to spoil it, but I made a mistake.

— BamBam

Of all, though, Mark Tuan has made us believe that there’s definitely something up. He tried to play it cool at first, but even he knows that he’s a “bad liar.” 

If there’s a comeback, I would know, right? ‘You’re a bad liar.’ Mmhmm.

— Mark Tuan

For our next “evidence,” Mark and BamBam are again the “guilty party.” It seems these two might be dropping hints…

Mark Tuan (left) and BamBam (right).

You may have noticed this already, but when BamBam guested on MBC Radio‘s Dream Radio with host Youngjae, his outfit of choice was certainly attention-getting and not just because it was animal print.

BamBam (left) and Youngjae (right).

Youngjae thought BamBam’s attire was amusing. BamBam had to remind him that he’s actually been wearing it for years.

Youngjae: Is your fashion concept a safari today? It’s so cute!

BamBam: Do you remember this? It’s really old, it’s a giraffe!

Likewise, Mark recently rocked an old hoodie too. He posted a TikTok where he went bowling and tallied up how many strikes he got. During the video, we see him in very familiar clothing.

Like BamBam and his giraffe-print hoodie, Mark used to wear this multicolored hoodie all of the time. You might remember seeing him rocking it while traveling in 2016.

While Youngjae maybe wouldn’t recognize these old hoodies, Ahgases surely did. Now, we’re just wondering if perhaps Mark and BamBam’s style choices aren’t a coincidence…

| Twitter

Is this some sort of comeback hint? Considering both the sudden reuse of old clothes and the endless comeback spoilers, it seems like the odds are in our favor.

Source: @marktuan and MBC Radio