GOT7’s Youngjae And Yugyeom Hilariously Call Out “Spoiler King” BamBam

BamBam will never live it down…

GOT7′s Yugyeom and Youngjae reunited, and low-key spilled the tea on their fellow member BamBam!

Yugyeom (left) and Youngjae (right).

Yugyeom is currently promoting his new single, “Take You Down.” So, he was the guest on the most recent episode of DJ Youngjae’s MBC FM4U‘s radio program Best Friend (also known as Close Friend), and like true besties, they told it like it is!

Yugyeom is also the first GOT7 member to guest on Best Friend, and he was happy to be. Still, they talked a lot about the other members and even revealed that Jinyoung may be the next one to guest.


Youngjae revealed that he was one of the first listeners of “Take You Down,” as expected. The GOT7 members always talk to each other about the new music they’re working on!

When I first heard Yugyeom’s song, I liked it and asked when it was coming out.

— Youngjae

| MBC FM4U via @jaebambum/Twitter

Youngjae liked Yugyeom’s song so much that he was curious about details, such as the release date. Yugyeom divulged all of the spoilers to Youngjae, but…

So, I told him everything right away.

— Yugyeom

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…he kept it all to himself! Youngjae teasingly called out another member, BamBam, for not being as good at keeping secrets.

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Youngjae: If someone tells me anything, I am being quiet just like this.

Yugyeom: Right?

Youngjae: You know this one member who goes outside and spoils while side-eyeing! I am not like this!

Yugyeom added that almost nothing is kept a secret no more. Sometimes, he will meet Ahgases, and they will know all the details already! Previously, both BamBam and Yugyeom’s mother have spoiled comebacks.

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Yugyeom: I was filming some content and there are cases when people already know and ask about it.

Youngjae: Right?

Yugyeom: Exactly!

That wasn’t the only time the members called BamBam out during the radio show. Later, Youngjae read an Ahgase’s question regarding group comeback.

If there is a promotion that Yugyeom wants to do this year… Can you give a spoiler? The one that I am waiting for… GOT7… You know.

— Ahgase

| MBC FM4U via @jaebambum/Twitter

Yugyeom and Youngjae acknowledged questions like this as “BamBam’s fault.” Still, they themselves would not add any more spoilers.

| MBC FM4U via @jaebambum/Twitter

Yugyeom: This is all because of BamBam.

Youngjae: Right? It’s BamBam’s fault! And, now, if I don’t say anything, I am the one who becomes a weird person.

Yugyeom: Hyung, as for us, let’s just be quiet.

Youngjae: Yes. Us… BamBam will do everything (all the talking/spoilers) on his own.

Of course, this is all in reference to GOT7’s “Spoiler King” BamBam and his recent “reveal” of a group comeback during his own album showcase.

Since then, the members have attempted to deny comeback rumors. Youngjae even confronted BamBam about his spoiler release. Read more below:

GOT7’s BamBam Tried To Explain Himself To Youngjae After Spoiling The Group’s Comeback

Watch the hilarious clips below:

Watch the full episode below:

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