GOT7’s Jackson Wang Grants BamBam Permission To Spoil More Regarding Their Comeback

He can’t get in trouble for spoiling if Jackson gives him the go-ahead. Right?

GOT7′s “Spoiler King” BamBam might actually have permission to spoil more news regarding the “confirmed” group comeback!

GOT7’s BamBam | @BamBam1A/Twitter

Since the start of the year, BamBam has been releasing spoiler after spoiler relating to GOT7.

He even told Ahgases when his fellow members Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang had returned to South Korea.

Mark Tuan arriving in South Korea.
Jackson Wang traveling to South Korea.

BamBam just is not great at keeping secrets! Yet, his members were seemingly getting a bit frustrated and even called him out on it.

When Jackson traveled back to Korea after his U.S. promotions for “Blow,” he even gave BamBam a new nickname.

Now, Jackson is giving BamBam permission to keep spoiling.

Jackson (left) and BamBam (right). | GOT7/VLIVE

Recently, the GOT7 members shared a photo, revealing that Youngjae‘s company Sublime Artist Agency had sent them a coffee truck.

| @333cyj333/Instagram

We cheer on GOT7

— Sublime Artist Agency’s sign

Naturally, Ahgases were curious and wondering what was going on. Were the members filming something?

Recently, Jackson held an unofficial Q&A on Twitter, and he responded to fan questions about a variety of topics, including his recent schedule.

One Ahgase saw the opportunity to find out the deets on the GOT7 coffee truck. So, they asked Jackson to share…

Jackson responded but just not in the way the OP hoped. Instead, he advised the Ahgase to ask BamBam.

Okay, BamBam, we’re waiting… There’s nothing to hold back anymore. He can’t get in trouble for spoiling if Jackson gives him the go-ahead. Right?

Source: @JacksonWang852