GOT7’s BamBam Gives Fans A Tour Of His Luxurious Home For The First Time

Young and rich, truly.

GOT7‘s BamBam recently announced that he would have his own YouTube variety program, Bam’s House! During each episode, BamBam and a special guest will sit inside his home and chat.

GOT7’s BamBam | @GOT7/Twitter

During the first posted preview for the show, BamBam did something he has never done: give fans a tour of his home! He starts out by saying as much and that he feels a bit awkward doing so.

The first of the luxurious items BamBam introduces is his couch, which he says he designed and produced! The tan l-shaped couch takes up a large part of the living room, making it perfect for chilling with friends, even adding a special cat-related touch.

All other furniture items were also custom designed by BamBam, including the massive entertainment center he says he worked with a designer to create! This was done partly to ensure that there would be a large enough space for his wine fridge to fit in.


When a PD comments that his house is filled with many “handsome handmade items” BamBam hilariously replies that it’s because it’s cheaper!

In true BamBam style, he shows off his many discount buys before showing off what is sure to be an expensive humidifier.

Next, in the kitchen, BamBam looks through some of the many items he doesn’t use.  He also explains that he is a very clean person and talks us through how he keeps his home so tidy!

Finally, BamBam explains that during the show, he wants to be able to give a drink, so he spends time with a professional brewmaster making beer! BamBam is a huge beer fan, so it makes sense he’d plan this out!

The first episode of Bam’s House premieres on January 20th at 7 pm KST, with his first guest being Sung Hae Eun, one of the stars of Transit Love!

You can check out the full show preview below!