GOT7’s BamBam Takes The High Road In Response To Thai MC’s Insults And Inspires Fans To Do The Same

What a good role model!

Earlier today, a Thai MC chose to discredit the successes of Thai idols GOT7‘s BamBam and 2PM‘s Nichkhun as a way to complement the solo debut of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.


When discussing Lisa’s song, “Lalisa,” MC Moddam Kachapa said

This is an event that has finally happened to Thailand that we [Thai people] can consider very prideful. We’ve never seen a [Thai] superstar go this far, back then we had Nichkhun, but he wasn’t successful to this degree, we also have BamBam, but he too didn’t manage to get this far. This [Lisa’s debut] is what we call world-class, truly world-class, it’s finally happened to our country.

-Moddam Kachapa

This angered many fans, and rightfully so. Both BamBam and his mother posted their responses to social media later in the day. On Instagram, BamBam’s mother said, “I can take this, but… you know the mother’s feelings and heart….

BamBam took to Twitter to share his response. When faced with these insults, he chose to take the high road, which touched many fans’ hearts.

Fans followed in BamBam’s example, choosing to post their favorite things about the idol throughout the day using the hashtag “#WeLoveYouBamBam” and “#RespectBamBam”.

Some fans shared powerful quotes BamBam had said previously when talking about haters.

Others shared moments where BamBam showed off his musical prowess, specifically his rap from GOT7’s performance of “Nightmare” during MAMA 2018. Fans looked at this rap with new eyes, appreciating his confidence in his own success.

While BamBam can appear larger than life, many fans made sure to show the soft side to BamBam and remind others that he is human too.

What could’ve been a solely negative situation turned into a place for fans to share their love for an idol who had touched their lives.

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Source: Translation of Moddam Kachapa's comments