GOT7 BamBam’s Reaction To Jinyoung’s Kiss Scene In “Yumi’s Cells” Is So Him

This is classic BamBam!

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GOT7 is a group that is filled with multitalented individuals whos solo careers have taken them in many different directions.

While most members have spent time recording and releasing music, Jinyoung has used the time since the group’s departure from JYP Entertainment to focus in on his acting, appearing in  Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, The Devil Judge and most recently, Yumi’s Cells….

Jinyoung in “The Devil Judge”
Jinyoung (left) and Kim Go Eun (right) in “Yumi’s Cells”

….and for GOT7’s resident teasing king BamBam, this has only provided more ammunition.

BamBam (left) and Jinyoung (right)

BamBam has talked about only watching clips of both Youngjae and Jinyoung’s dramas, and that usually ends up being kissing scenes. BamBam has confessed to love these kissing scenes enough to even reenact one of Youngjae’s!

Because of this, BamBam’s reaction should come as no surprise! He and member Mark have directly teased Jinyoung in particular about his acting.

Season two of the popular webtoon turned drama, Yumi’s Cells, is currently airing. In a fan posted clip, Jinyoung’s character Yoo Babi is shown locked in a pretty steamy kissy with Kim Go Eun‘s Yumi.

BamBam’s inital response is simple yet effective: a classic GIF of Blink 182‘s Tom Delonge mouthing “What the f*ck.”

He then followed up tweeting “get it my boy @JINYOUNG” and post a hilarious edit of the kiss scene.

One can only imagine what Jinyoung’s response will be!