GOT7’s BamBam Enjoys Watching Youngjae’s Kissing Scenes In K-Dramas And Confessed It To Him

Youngjae’s reaction was priceless!😂

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GOT7 is filled with multitalented individuals, and we’ve been blessed to see the rise of actors Jinyoung and Youngjae recently.

Both have shown versatility in their abilities too. We saw Jinyoung in The Devil Judge and Yumi’s Cells last year, and they were very different genres.

Jinyoung in “The Devil Judge.”

Kim Go Eun (left) and Jinyoung (right) in “Yumi’s Cells.”

Likewise, Youngjae was just a rookie actor in the Korean sitcom So Not Worth It. Still, he proved he was just as skilled as any as he portrayed the adorably silly Korean Australian college student Sam.

We saw a much different side to him in Love & Wish. While Sam was funloving, his character, Kim Seung Hyu, had a dark past in this K-Drama.

Still, we got quite a cute love story between him and the female lead. And you know what that means… Kissing scenes!

Youngjae (left) and Minnie (right) in “So Not Worth It.”  | Netflix

Youngjae (left) and Choi Ye Bin (right) in “Love & Wish.” | KakaoTV

And, no one loves to tease his members more than BamBam. Seeing his hyung not only act in a K-Drama but kissing, of course, he’s never going to let the man live it down.

Youngjae (left) and BamBam (right)

Previously, BamBam reacted to Youngjae’s So Not Worth It kiss with (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie on Instagram Stories.

| @bambam1a/Instagram

Well, it turns out BamBam still has something to say about it. He made a big confession as he guested on MBC Radio‘s Dream Radio which Youngjae hosts.

As for Youngjae hyung‘s acting… I only watch the kissing scenes.

— BamBam

| @jaebambum/Twitter

Youngjae was taken aback, obviously not expecting ever to hear such a thing. So, he asked, “Why do you only watch this kind of stuff?”

| @jaebambum/Twitter

BamBam tried to explain himself. He reminded Youngjae that he doesn’t really watch television.

BamBam: I don’t really watch dramas.

Youngjae: That’s right.

BamBam: I don’t watch TV.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

So, he’ll watch the highlights, which would be the kissing scenes. BamBam said he especially enjoys watching Youngjae’s, which definitely didn’t make the actor feel any better.

BamBam: I really like hyung‘s kissing scenes.

Youngjae: Why on earth would you like my kissing scenes?

BamBam: I like it!

Youngjae: What do you mean, “I like it?!”

| @jaebambum/Twitter

BamBam tried to describe how it makes him feel, and Youngjae was not having it. So, Youngjae then teased BamBam about his outfit!

BamBam: When I watch, I go, “WOAHSHJJ!” Do I sound like a pervert?

Youngjae: It’s okay. You already looked like a pervert.

| @jaebambum/Twitter

That’s certainly not all. BamBam and Youngjae even “recreated” the kiss scene from Love & Wish!

No actual kiss this time, though. 😂

Watch BamBam’s hilarious confession below:

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Source: @jaebambum and MBC Radio