GOT7’s Youngjae Reveals What It Was Like To Star And Sing The OST For Korean Sitcom “So Not Worth It”

Youngjae did amazing in “So Not Worth It!”

GOT7‘S Youngjae is absolutely killing it right now (along with the rest of GOT7). He has not only been acting in the musical Midnight Sun but also in the Korean sitcom So Not Worth It as Sam. Some might also not know that he also did the show’s OST (original soundtrack) too.

“So Not Worth It” poster | @SublimeArtist_/Twitter & Netflix Korea

In a recent interview with MTV News, Youngjae revealed his top 5 things that are “so not worth it” and his experience working on the sitcom. While he’s certainly no stranger to acting, he said he felt like a newcomer as it was his first big role by choice.

So, this is not my first time acting, but it felt like the first time because my acting beforehand was because other people wanted me to. But this time, it was voluntary. I wanted to try it, and it felt so good.

— Youngjae

Like the rest of us, even Youngjae felt some feelings of nervousness at first. But, he overcame pressures that came with the role with help from others, such as co-stars and members.

This was a big role, so there was pressure to succeed, but because of the pressure, I worked harder and felt really good overall. [As a member of GOT7], I didn’t have any acting experience, but by being a member of the entertainment industry, there were a lot of things I picked up naturally. All those factors helped me in my acting career, and looking at other people of what to do also helped.

— Youngjae

He felt quite proud of what he has accomplished in his role and in the opportunity to sing the show’s OST, which is also the theme song at the start of each episode. Singing is definitely forever his passion!

[Singing the title track] meant a lot because this is the first show I played a big role in, and then I sang the title for the show, so it meant a lot to me. And I think the viewers and the fans love the song too, so that made me feel so good. I believe my true self is when I am singing, so I really hope everyone loves this part of me.

— Youngjae

We look forward to seeing more of Youngjae’s roles in the future! Hopefully, in Hospital Playlist?

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Source: MTV News and Image