GOT7’s BamBam Makes A Surprise Cameo During The Golden State Warriors’ White House Visit

BamBam is the official Global Ambassador for the team.

GOT7‘s BamBam recently made a surprise appearance during the Golden State Warriors‘ recent visit to the White House!

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BamBam’s relationship with the Golden State Warriors began when he tweeted his support of his favorite player, Stephen Curry, and urged fans to vote for Curry’s participation in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game (the 71st NBA AllStar Game). 

Curry ranked high in voting and was placed on the team, which was attributed partly to BamBam’s shoutout. In January 2022, BamBam was announced as an official Global Ambassador for the Golden State Warriors, an American basketball team.

BamBam was welcomed to the team by the Warriors’ official social media accounts and Stephen Curry! He even was able to perform during half-time at a game, where he debuted a brand new song called “Wheels Up” featuring MAYZIN.

Fans have been waiting for more interactions between the Golden State Warriors and BamBam and finally were given one!

The Golden State Warriors won the 2022 NBA Championship after six games against the Dallas Mavericks. As part of celebrating their win, President Biden invited the team to the white house, as is common for the winner of major sports championships in the United States.

As the team entered the photo zone during the press conference, an entrance song was played.

It did not take fans long to realize that the song played was “Wheels Up” by BamBam featuring MAYZIN! MAYZIN confirmed that it was their song as well!

Fans have been expressing their pride that BamBam was included in this moment, however indirectly!

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