GOT7’s BamBam Won’t Follow His Members On Instagram Until They Complete One Request

Yugyeom and Youngjae called him out for not following them!

GOT7‘s maknae line recently reunited, and with true sibling energy, they couldn’t help but call each other out!

From left: GOT7’s Youngjae, Yugyeom, and BamBam | JYP Entertainment

Yugyeom and Youngjae guested on BamBam‘s online variety show Bam House, where he invites and hosts celebrity guests to his personal home to talk.

From left: GOT7’s Yugyeom, BamBam, and Youngjae | @BAMBAMxABYSS/Twitter

During the episode, Youngjae bragged about watching all the previous episodes of Bam House. BamBam thanked him sincerely while explaining to viewers that he and his members don’t always watch each other’s content.

BamBam: Thank you very much for that really… Because the members don’t usually watch each other.

Youngjae: We’re all doing well by our own. There’s no need.

BamBam: Exactly.

Yugyeom: The closer you are, the less you follow.

BamBam then shockingly requested his members to check out his highlight medley for his solo album Sour & Sweet. He explained that he was very proud of it, so he wanted them to look at it.

But can you watch my Highlight Medley for once? I’m very proud to present it.

— BamBam

Youngjae was already ahead of him. Despite agreeing that they rarely watch each other’s stuff, he proved he always supports his members.

I know. I’ll see. I pressed heart button every time it pops up.

— Youngjae

On the other hand, maknae Yugyeom retorted to BamBam’s request. He pointed out that BamBam wasn’t even following them. In other words… Why should he look at his content when he can’t even get a follow?

You don’t even follow us.

— Yugyeom

BamBam quickly attempted to defend himself. He pointed out that they all already have a lot of followers.

Wait a minute. Listen to me. I followed you when we did activities as GOT7. Even if I have my personal Instagram, but there’s also an official account. I want to increase the number of followers, too. Anyway, our members have a lot of followers so…

— BamBam

Yugyeom and Youngjae didn’t care about BamBam’s “excuses,” though. They told him they still wanted him to follow them.

Yugyeom: But I still want you to follow.

Youngjae: If you press follow, we can change more.

Yugyeom: That’s right.

BamBam asked if they wanted him to do it right at the moment, which they did. He jokingly asked if he should follow just them.

All right, do it now?! Just the two of you?

— BamBam

Yugyeom was going to suggest that BamBam follow all members of GOT7. The mischievous maknae counter suggested, “No. Just two of us!” 

The three erupted with laughter at the thought. BamBam brilliantly added that he would follow each member once they visit Bam House, earning high-fives from Youngjae and Yugyeom.

BamBam: I’ll do the rest of the numbers when they come out here.

Youngjae: Follow every time they come here!

The two were satisfied BamBam did as they requested. He showed that he was following not only his official artist account with ABYSS Company but GOT7 and now Youngjae and Yugyeom.

It’s done. There are four here.

— BamBam

Even after filming, BamBam’s follows remain the same. So, when suddenly he follows another member, we know that means they have filmed an episode of Bam’s House!

| @bambam1a/Instagram

Ironically, while Yugyeom called out BamBam for not following him on Instagram, leader Jay B previously called him out for not following him on Twitter. Read more below.

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Watch the full episode of Bam House below.

Source: Bam House