GOT7’s Maknae Line Reunite, Exciting Ahgases With Their Interactions

Ahgases are so happy to see them together again!

GOT7‘s maknae line has reunited!

BamBam recently made his solo comeback with album Sour & Sweet and its title track of the same name. While promoting, he has recruited his famous friends to participate in the dance challenge for the song, too, including MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, NMIXX‘s Lily, and more.

Ahgases (GOT7 fans, also known as iGOT7) were delighted with the recent appearance of not one but two GOT7 members in BamBam’s recent dance challenge! Both Yugyeom and Youngjae did the dance with BamBam in what appeared to be BamBam’s house.

Fans were so excited to see the maknae line together again. The members even threw up their iconic bird hand sign!

Previously, BamBam and Youngjae reunited for KCON THAILAND, where BamBam was MC along with (G)I-DLE’s Minnie.

The two also met again just this week for MBC FM4U‘s radio show GOT7’s Youngjae’s Best Friend. If a GOT7 member is promoting, Youngjae guarantees they will be his guest!

Yet, the dance challenge video featuring Yugyeom appears to have been from when he and Youngjae guested on BamBam’s own show. Currently, BamBam is hosting an online variety show Bam House, where he invites and hosts celebrity guests to his personal home to talk. Knowing the members already probably visit him so often, it’s about time some guested on his show!

Ahgases couldn’t help but get emotional over the reunion. Their friendship is just everything!

We can always expect the Sevens to support each other, no matter what. Although they are all technically promoting as solo artists right now, they remind everyone that GOT7 is GOT7, even if they’re not currently having a group comeback.

Even military enlistment can’t stop GOT7 from showing love and support to BamBam! Read more below.

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