GOT7’s BamBam Drops Release Date And Sexy Concept Photos For New Single

We’re so excited to see this new side of BamBam!

Over the weekend, GOT7‘s BamBam dropped a mysterious teaser, simply captioned as “MOVING TEASER.”

We were suspicious that this meant BamBam was preparing for a comeback. Now, we have some answers!

GOT7’s BamBam | @BamBam1A/Twitter

It turns out that BamBam is soon releasing a new single. He just dropped concept photos #1 for his pre-single, and they’re absolutely stunning.

In the first concept, we see a strong contrast of BamBam from his fun riBBon persona. For the upcoming single, we’re getting a dark, moody, and mature BamBam.

Each photo shows him in black-and-white with a shadow looming behind him.

The styling, too, has us completely entranced. He opted for a sleeveless turtleneck, allowing just enough skin to reveal his muscled arms and tattoos.

In addition to the first set of concept photos, he revealed the single’s release date. We can expect it to be released on December 28, 2021. Consider it a belated Christmas gift!

Source: @BamBam1A