GOT7’s BamBam “Roasts” J.Y. Park After Attending His Concert

Both past and present JYP Entertainment artists can’t resist roasting their old boss!

In 2021,ย BamBam and the other members of GOT7 decided not to renew their contracts at JYP Entertainment after being under the label for seven years.

GOT7’s BamBam | @got7/Twitter
GOT7 | Mnet

Fans were enthusiastic about the departure, especially when BamBam reposted a video created by an Ahgase poking fun at the group “leaving their jobs.” This led many fans to believe there may have been bad blood between the group and JYPE founder J.Y. Park, who worked directly with the group over the years.

J.Y. Park | @followjyp/Instagram

This was proven untrue during the latest episode of Bam House, where he and TWICE‘s Jihyo talked about the founder. BamBam admitted to becoming closer to J.Y. Park after leaving the company.

The two seem to have a close enough relationship that BamBam feels comfortable roasting him!

In the preview for Sunmi‘sย Showterview, BamBam was revealed to be the next guest, likely there to promote his upcoming third album.

In the short teaser, BamBam talks about attending J.Y. Park’s concert with Sunmi, a JYP Entertainment alumni.

Sunmi mentions that as part of the JYPE method, they were told not to sing with their mouths open. BamBam hilariously says that when he was invited to J.Y. Park’s concert, he was surprised to see the producer not following his own teachings!

Sunmi: In singing, we can’t open our mouths a lot you know.
BamBam: Park Jinyoung PD-nim says we can’t open our mouthes a lot but then he invited me to his concert…

He then imitates the singer, earning a reaction from Sunmi.

Fans thought this tiny peak at the episode was hilarious and can’t wait to see if BamBam will “roast” J.Y. Park more after it airs.

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