GOT7’s BamBam Gets Real About His Relationship With Founder J.Y. Park After Leaving JYP Entertainment

It didn’t surprise TWICE’s Jihyo.

Boy group GOT7 debuted under one of the “Big 4” companies in K-Pop, JYP Entertainment, in 2014. After releasing several hits and gaining thousands of fans, all seven members decided in 2021 not to renew their contracts, choosing instead to look for new opportunities.


Parting ways with a company can create friction, but was that the case with GOT7? It turns out it wasn’t! In an episode of Bam House with TWICE‘s Jihyo as guest, Thai member BamBam shared what his relationship with J.Y. Park is like now that he is no longer signed under the veteran singer.


The topic was brought up when “Slow Mo” singer asked the “SET ME FREE” singer if the founder was aware that she was filming the episode. She replied, “I don’t think so.”

  • BamBam: Does JYP know that you’re filming this today?
  • Jihyo: I don’t think so.

He went on to reveal that he actually became closer to J.Y. Park after he ended his contract. Jihyo wasn’t surprised at all and excitedly reminded him of the time the three of them grabbed a drink together.

  • BamBam: After leaving JYP [Entertainment], I became really close to JYP.
  • Jihyo: The three of us drank together before.
  • BamBam: Ah, yes, we were together!

Laughing, BamBam noted that he had even cooked ramen at the request of the “Groove Back” singer. “He asked me to cook the ramen. I said this wasn’t organic, but he just told me to cook it,” he recalled.

Watch the full episode below.

Source: YouTube