GOT7’s BamBam Tweets Hilarious “After Shot Puno” Drunk Photo, And Filipinos Have The Funniest Reactions

“After shot puno.” – BamBam, 2022

GOT7‘s BamBam learned a new term during his recent visit to the Philippines, and he’s obviously a huge fan of it! During a fansign event in the country, an Ahgase taught the Thai singer the phrase, “shot puno.” “Shot puno” is a popular slang term used in drinking sessions.


He has since taken it back home—literally. In a recent tweet, the “Slow Mo” singer shared a hilarious photo of himself after what was clearly a long night of drinking. He captioned it, “After shot puno.”

The post quickly racked up thousands of likes with many people finding it funny!

Fans who saw the picture had equally hilarious reactions. One linked a video of a man mixing different ingredients into a local bottle of gin, saying that’s how locals really drink alcohol.

Another uploaded a picture of Filipinos singing the national anthem, suggesting that they felt pride after BamBam used the phrase once again.

In another tweet, a fan jokingly provided an unreleased “during” photo of the drinking session. It shows BamBam looking deep in thought as friends surround him.

Last but certainly not the least, several Filipino fans shared funny before and after drinking photos of BamBam. Many can surely relate to the way he looks in the “after” picture!


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