GOT7’s BamBam Reveals His True Character When Commenting On An Ahgase’s Post

He’s genuine.

No one loves their fans more than GOT7‘s BamBam, and he’s here to prove that statement correct.

GOT7’s BamBam (center) hugging a fan.

BamBam is receiving praise from Ahgases for being “genuine” after commenting on a fan account’s post on Twitter.

BamBam with fans’ gifts. | @BAMBAMxABYSS/Twitter

An Ahgase (fan of GOT7) recently announced that they would be closing their fan account after seven years. On Twitter, @tuanxcoco is a beloved fan account dedicated to GOT7.

| @tuanxcoco/Twitter

Tuanxcoco explained that they had recently gotten a new job and had to deal with the priorities from their personal life now. However, they are, of course, still a fan.

| @tuanxcoco/Twitter

Their followers have been incredibly understanding. While they will all miss the updates, they wish tuanxcoco the best in this new chapter in their life.

Screenshot on February 1, 2022. | @tuanxcoco/Twitter

Ahgases are not the only ones wishing tuanxcoco well. None other than BamBam himself appeared in the comments, and his message has us all in our feels. He not only said thanks but promised never to unfollow the account.

This exchange between an idol and his fan is much more than that. It’s mutual love and respect.

Since BamBam commented, Ahgases have been praising him for his genuineness. He is not someone who just says he loves his fans; he means it.

Time and time again, BamBam has revealed himself to be a genuine and loving individual. He has dedicated songs to Ahgases, and he’s even done fan calls for free. Read more below:

While Other K-Pop Idols Charge For Fan Calls, GOT7 Do It For Free

Source: @tuanxcoco

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