GOT7’s BamBam Surprises With His Unexpected Choice Of Accessory For Going Fishing — And Its Price

BamBam always looks expensive, no matter the occasion.

GOT7‘s BamBam is making a guest appearance in the variety show City Fishermen (also known as The Fishermen And The City), and his appearance is already iconic.

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BamBam’s love of shiny accessories is well-known. In fact, he broke records by bringing the biggest bag ever to the Vogue Korea segment What’s In My Bag, where he showed off his many expensive trinkets.

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Yet, despite his known dedication to always looking expensive, BamBam still surprised fans with his choice of accessories for his fishing trip in City Fishermen. He made his appearance in the show alongside labelmate Sunmi, with whom he shares a sibling-like friendship.

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Fans were highly anticipating seeing them together…

And it seems like they won’t disappoint!

BamBam himself showed off his effortless comedian skills—as well as a surprising talent for fishing.

But eagle-eyed netizens couldn’t help but be shocked when they noticed what BamBam was wearing as he reeled in his catch. Looking closely, they noticed that he is in fact wearing his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Iced Out watch.

This watch, reportedly valued at over $60k, has been a part of BamBam’s collection for years now.

The collection includes other luxury watches including another Audemars Piguet and two Rolex watches.

Given how special (and costly) it is, Ahgases were surprised to see BamBam with it while fishing. It is certainly an impressive-looking accessory, but also a totally unexpected choice for the occasion!

At least, everything seemed to go smoothly as BamBam managed to catch his fish without harming his Audemars Piguet.

At the end of the day, perhaps it wouldn’t be BamBam if he wasn’t wearing one of his signature luxury accessories, even if it’s to go fishing!

Source: Vogue Korea