GOT7’s BamBam Officially Wins “Workout Challenge,” Gracing Cover Of Men’s Health

He’s flexing his physique and style!

GOT7‘s BamBam is the latest K-Pop idol to grace the cover of Men’s Health Korea!

GOT7’s BamBam | ABYSS Company

If you think BamBam still looks something like the photo below, you’re so wrong. The man is skinny, no longer.

In fact, he has been low-key ripped for a while, but other than the occasional sleeveless top, BamBam remains covered. He is a fashion icon, after all.

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BamBam takes working out very seriously. He even has shared some of his workout routines in a quarantine vlog.

Exercising is really not easy. I’m originally quite thin, and it’s hard for me to grow muscle. I don’t gain weight even if I eat. It seems like it’s a good thing, right? That’s definitely not true. Well, of course, there’s pros, but there’s also cons!

— BamBam


Now, he’s showing off his hard work in Men’s Health Korea, and he looks more cut than ever!

While most Men’s Health cover models go shirtless…


BamBam chose to flex both his muscles and his style.

BamBam is the cover model for Men’s Health Korea‘s April and May 2022 issues. Magazines are available for order now.

It certainly appears that BamBam has won his and Jay B‘s “workout challenge!” Last year, the two began a friendly competition regarding physique.

I didn’t know he was going to came to me that hard though … It’s random. I think, you know, his back… it’s cool, it’s big, but, you know, he’s always big. He a big guy. It’s God-given, you know what I mean? But he gained…he have a lot of muscle, but it’s not cut…like I do!

— BamBam

Exercising once every three weeks is hard.

— BamBam

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