GOT7’s BamBam Accidentally Mispronounced Something During A Live Broadcast And Immediately Apologized For What He Said

He gave it a completely different meaning! 😂

While guest appearing on MBC Radio‘s Dream Radio, GOT7‘s BamBam fell to his knees in apology of a hilarious and adorable mistake he made on air.

With host Youngjae, BamBam was reading some of the shows sponsors where he accidentally mispronounced Cyber (said saibeo) as saibi, completely changing the meaning of Seoul Cyber Univerity into something much more intense!

Seoul Cult University…oh!

— BamBam

Immediately, both Youngjae and himself couldn’t hold back their laughs at his mistake!

He corrected himself and finished the sponsor…

…then immediately doubled over in laughter!

Their panicked reactions left viewers in side-splitting laughter along with them!

BamBam then stood up, kneeled to the floor and bowed, apologizing for his mistake.

No worries, BamBam. The cute mistake was too funny!

Watch the full hilarious moment below!