GOT7 Hold Mini-Reunion To Celebrate Winning “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” At The 2022 MAMA Awards

Jay B and Youngjae joined BamBam’s Instagram Live!

GOT7 held a mini-reunion!

GOT7 | @GOT7/Twitter

Day 1 of The 2022 MAMA Awards was held on November 29, 2022, and GOT7 won “Worldwide Fans’ Choice!” Since the members are in different countries currently, they sent in video messages.

After the win was announced, the members also took to social media to express their gratitude to Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7 fan).

On Weverse, an Ahgase asked BamBam if the fandom did well and if BamBam would hold his anticipated live broadcast to celebrate.

| BamBam/Weverse

Sure enough, BamBam left Weverse and headed on over to trusty old Instagram to hold his live broadcast.

During the Instagram Live, he talked about winning the award. BamBam even gave us a glimpse into the GOT7 group chat!

Shortly after, the group chat came to life when leader Jay B appeared on BamBam’s Instagram Live, asking to join.

BamBam accepted Jay B’s request, so he joined.

They were both clearly so excited!

Jay B also thanked Ahgases around the world with a message in English.

There were many wholesome moments. As always, they reminded us, “GOT7 forever!”

Speaking of GOT7… Another member surprisingly joined! Youngjae appeared singing GOT7’s “NANANA.”

Youngjae also was asked to deliver a message to Ahgases in English. He replied simply, “It’s yours.”

Of course, with three GOT7 members together, chaos was sure to ensue as well.

So, they played with the Instagram filters…

Yet, there was one more guest to join… Ahgase! One joined, and BamBam couldn’t help but tease who their bias was…

Perhaps the funniest moment of all was when the Ahgase was asked to leave when BamBam couldn’t figure out how to end the live broadcast.

Before the Instagram Live ended, they made plans to meet when Jay B returns to Korea (he’s currently on his Tape: Press Pause tour).

GOT7 are so sweet. Even despite the 12-hour time difference, three members went live together to celebrate the win with Ahgases!


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