GOT7’s BamBam And Youngjae Share Heartfelt Messages To Fans For Their 7th Anniversary

GOT7 and IGOT7 have each other’s back.

GOT7, who recently celebrated their seven year anniversary since debut, shared messages online to thank fans for their never-ending support.

Members BamBam and Youngjae also held live streams to interact more with their fans.

I know a lot of you guys are sad and everything, but no need! Because you know…I already said it everywhere that we are going nowhere. And I wanna say thank you to all the Ahgases around the world for always having our back and everything. I have your back, you have my back! We have each other all the time. It’s been seven years now you know but we’re going to keep on continuing so I will see you guys really soon again.

⁠— Bambam

Anyway, congratulations GOT7 and Ahgases! To all the members that are watching; Yugyeom, Jackson, Mark, JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, congratulations to all of you all! Seven years now. We are brothers, we are family, still love you guys no matter what. And IGOT7 I love you too. Peace out. Bye bye!

⁠— Bambam

Youngjae, who also held a live stream, shared a heartfelt message to the fans.

Congratulations everyone for seven years. We will continue to work hard like crazy until our 70 year anniversaries for our Ahgases so don’t go anywhere and stay with us. We will prepare a lot of things and do our best. I am always thankful for all of you and it is because all of you that I am happy.

⁠— Youngjae

Bambam also admitted to their fans being unique and crazier than them!

Our fandom, IGOT7, is so unique. We’re crazy but you guys are even crazier than us, about making memes, making fun of us, and us making fun of you guys, but we still have each other that’s a good thing.

⁠— BamBam

Previously, JYP Entertainment confirmed that all member of the group would be leaving the agency and will instead look for other opportunities.

Source: theqoo