GOT7 Fans Request Better Treatment, Show Loyalty With #AhgasesWaitingForGOT7

Fans are showing support and expressing their concerns.

Ahgases want GOT7 to know that they are here for them, always.

On September 1, Ahgases (iGOT7) and TWICE‘s fandom ONCE continued to request better treatment for their artists from JYP Entertainment. ONCE trended the hashtag #RespectTwice_JYPE while Ahgases trended #AhgasesWaitingForGOT7.

Although each fandom has its own concerns, both say that GOT7 and TWICE are not being given the attention they deserve as two of the company’s most successful and experienced artists.


In addition to expressing their concerns, Ahgases are showing GOT7 how much they are cherished. GOT7’s most recent comeback was in April with their eleventh EP, Dye. With over 450,000 copies sold, it is their bestselling album to date.

If Dye‘s sales are any indication, Ahgases’ love for GOT7 is stronger now than ever. Creating great music and performances takes time, of course, but fans have no problem waiting. They’re in this for life!

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