GOT7 Completely Sold Out The Rajamangala Stadium In Thailand, Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

GOT7 are making history:

GOT7, and especially Thai member BamBam, have dreamed of performing at the Rajamangala Stadium in Thailand for a long time. Not only is this dream becoming reality but GOT7 are also making history in the process!


On December 21 when tickets for GOT7’s next Keep Spinning tour concert at Rajamangdala Stadium went on sale, in less than 2 hours they had already sold out.

Image source: @JYPTHAILAND


With fans taking over Twitter with the hashtag #GOT7KEEPSPINNINGinBKK, the organizers soon announced they would be holding an extra show due to high demand. This extra show soon sold out as well!


The Rajamangala Stadium was originally opened in 1998 for the 1998 Asian Games and has since hosted premier events like the 2018 AFF Championship and with a capacity of 49,722, it is Thailand’s national stadium as well as its largest stadium.


While it’s already an incredible feat to sell out almost 100,000 seats in less than 12 hours time, GOT7 are making history too. GOT7 will the first-ever JYP Entertainment artists to individually hold a concert at the stadium and the second K-Pop artists to do so!


Fans, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier for GOT7 especially BamBam who shared his nervousness and thanks to fans.

Been worried for a few days.

Been excited for a few days.

But I’ve tried to be confident and stay positive as best as I could.

Today, you proved it to us again that we’re right for trusting and believing in everyone.

Thank you to every IGOT7 for making my dreams come true.

— BamBam


GOT7 will be holding their first concert at the Rajamangdala Stadium on February 15, 2020, with their extra show to be held on February 16.

Image source: @bambam1a, Instagram story