GOT7 Pens A Handwritten Letter To Fans Following Their Departure From JYP Entertainment

They thanked fans and talked about future dreams.

GOT7 has spoken out about the end of their contract with JYP Entertainment finally. In a collective handwritten letter, all members posted the same image on their social media. The letter is written by all 7 members.

| @marktuan/Instagram

The letter is a heartwarming one to Ahgases who have supported them throughout their journey.

Ahgases, this is GOT7. Firstly, we’re feeling really sorry towards Ahgases for writing a post because of this reason. We have come to an end with JYP Entertainment, who created GOT7 together with us and did their best for us to the end, without a contract renewal. But we will cheer each other on despite this. All the members will be taking responsibility for each of our own futures, together, while embarking on a new start with people that will go forth together with us. We are conveying this to our fans through this post, as we wanted to tell you guys first. We know all too well that well-written words will still not be able to make up for the hurt and insecurity felt by Ahgases. But as GOT7, there is only one thing we can really tell you!

We will continue to be making music for Ahgases! And while making and sharing this music, in the future too, we want to be together with you!

To Ahgases that have supported us and watched us on despite our lacking ways, we want not to keep these memories with you guys in the past but put them towards the future. In a way that isn’t just a hope but a reality, we will show you guys our 7 members’ unique sides that will continue to grow, for a long time. Love you IGOT7

— GOT7

All the best to GOT7 in their future endeavours!