GOT7’s Jackson Opens Up About His Friendship With RM, BTS’s Success

He talked about their complementary personalities and more.

GOT7‘s Jackson has been friends with BTS‘s RM for more than six years, and he recently opened up about their friendship in a new interview.


On October 1, the Zach Sang Show posted a 37-minute, in-depth interview with Jackson to talk about his solo music, GOT7, and more. When asked about his friendship with BTS’s leader, he started by recalling how they first met.

Let me talk about RM. Him and I go all the way back, when we were trainees […] We met through a friend. And he’s the same year with me, year of the dog.

— RM


He went on to describe their contrasting, but complementary, personalities.

My personality is just, I goof off often, and I joke around. I’m more aggressive. RM, he’s pretty calm, and he’s very smart. He doesn’t talk too much, but whatever he says, it just feels right. I don’t know.

— Jackson


“He’s like the conclusion to me,” Jackson said. “So, when I run into problems […] he’ll sum up everything and give me a good conclusion. ‘You know what you should do? You should do this, and this, this.'”


When asked to share his thoughts about BTS’s success, Jackson had nothing but praise.

They’re really hardworking, and RM is really, really hardworking. And he has a lot of pressure, ’cause he’s the leader of the group. Because of his personality, I feel like everything that he does, or they do, it just feels right. Yeah. I will say, they’re very talented and they think ahead, a step ahead. Very good strategy on everything.

— Jackson


Watch the full interview here: