GOT7’s Jackson Wang Changes A Part Of His Upcoming Solo Concert But Some Fans Are Concerned For His Health

Jackson always puts fans first.

GOT7‘s Jackson has always gone above and beyond for his fans, but many are concerned for his health after a change was made to the fan benefits for his his upcoming solo concert.

| @GOT7_Official/Twitter

Following the announcement of his first solo tour, fans have been eagerly awaiting more information from Jackson regarding specific dates and concert benefits. The inital tour announcement featured 6 countries with an “and more” message promising more to be announced.

The first concert to be officially announced was the show in Bangkok, Thailand. Ticket prices and special VIP ticket benefits were shared by the concert’s promoter with the most expensive packages included exclusive merchandise, VIP check-in and a group photo opportunity with Jackson himself.

| Thai Ticket Major

After their initial excitement, fans were immediately concerned about the pricing of the most expensive ticket, which cost 18,000 Thai Baht (around 477 USD). While many fans thought that the ticket price was a good deal, others expressed a different opinion, specifically about the ticket including a group photo with at least 5 strangers.

Fans expressed their concerns online and in fan meetings with Jackson, who immediately promised to see what he could do about the issues.

Shortly after, the promoter of the show announced that the ticket benefits had been altered and would now included a one-on-one photo with Jackson instead of the group photo. Many praised Jackson for his quick actions and for caring what fans have to say.

Updated VIP package including an individual photo with Jackson. | Thai Ticket Major

Other fans showed concern for Jackson’s health because of the energy and time individual photos will take. The GOT7 member shared that his concerts will be over 3 hours long with special stages and individual photos would take away from his time to rest and prepare, especially if they take place after the concert.

Jackson is known for always putting fans first, and hopefully his tour will go smoothly!


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