GOT7 Jackson’s Contract Confirmed To Be Managed By Team Wang For Future Activities

Jackson is the first confirmation.

Following the news of GOT7‘s contracts with JYP Entertainment ending, Jackson is the first member to have his follow-up contract and agency confirmed.

In a post via Sina Entertainment on Weibo, they shared that they personally asked Jackson’s agency, Team Wang, for verification after the report that all of GOT7 would be leaving JYP Entertainment, and Team Wang responded.

Jackson’s contract will return to Team Wang and he will be managed by us. He will continue working on his global promotions in the future.

— Team Wang

This confirmation makes Jackson the first member of GOT7 to have his new agency for activities confirmed. Each member of GOT7 will be moving forward with their own activities following their departure from JYP Entertainment. Jinyoung is rumored to be focusing on acting with BH Entertainment, Yugyeom is rumored to be moving to AOMG to focus on music, Youngjae is currently in discussions with Sublime Artist Agency.

JB has received offers from various hiphop agencies, but hasn’t decided on one yet. BamBam will promote in two countries — Thailand and Korea. Bambam is also rumored to sign with MAKEUS Entertainment. Finally, Mark is planning to return to the United States and open up his personal YouTube channel, and prepare for his solo music.

Source: Weibo