Jackson’s Love For RM Made Him Get Sidetracked In An Interview

Jackson’s brought GOTBANG into his Forbes interview.

These days, BTS and GOT7‘s busy schedules keep them from hanging out much, but they still find time to say hello at award shows and chill during the holidays.


Recently, Jackson talked about his current GOT7 activities, solo work, and accomplishments with this journalist for Forbes, an American business magazine. At one point, he also mentioned his BTS bestie, RM.


In a tweet (that has since been deleted due to a discrepancy in dates), journalist @catrkelley shared Jackson’s GOTBANG moment. When asked about his 2015 appearance on Problematic Men, Jackson got a little sidetracked!

@catrkelley: There was a moment — in 2015, you appeared on this show called Problematic Men.

Jackson: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I said to RM… [gets side-tracked thinking about RM] RM is my buddy. He came to my house on the New Year. We chilled. 


Jackson also talked about hanging out with RM on New Year’s. (@catrkelley mistakenly stated that this 2019 celebration happened on 2020 New Year’s).

@catrkelley: This New Year? 

Jackson: This New Year. Not the Chinese New Year. I’m talking about the international New Year. We chilled for two days straight. We drank. It’s like man talk. We talked about music. I showed him my music. He showed me his music. Apparently, he loves my pop stuff. He’s like, ‘Yo, you do more stuff like this.’   


Here’s hoping for more GOTBANG moments in 2020!