“Annoying Friends” GOT7’s Jackson And Kevin Woo Crash Amber’s Live

Amber was unexpectedly joined by some her famous (and very annoying!) friends.

A party’s not a party until it’s been crashed!


To celebrate the release of her new song “Other People”, f(x)‘s Amber went live on Instagram. She was joined by her fans and some “annoying friends”. Kevin WooGOT7‘s Jackson, singer-actress Arden Cho, and more crashed Amber’s live!

Oh my gosh, why are all my friends — Friends, go away! Caroline, Kevin, everyone, go away. Oh my gosh…Arden, Mom, no…Why are you guys on? Oh my gosh, no…

— Amber


“This is supposed to be a live with my fans and stuff,” Amber complained, while holding her dog, JackJack“not my annoying friends.”


Kevin Woo jokingly told Amber to strip by taking off her hat.


He also wanted to hear Amber’s thoughts on her steamy kiss scene with Mike Bow.

How was Mike, Kevin? How was Mike? He was professional, that’s what he was. I was professional.

— Amber


Jackson, on the other hand, had two things on his mind: Amber’s dog, and Amber’s aegyo. Jackson’s a huge JackJack enthusiast because they share the same name!


Jackson kept pestering Amber to give him aegyo (and concert tickets!), but Amber wasn’t having it.


“Why are you still waiting for aegyo from me, Jackson?” she said. “That is, like, not existent. That’s gross. Aegyo’s gross.” 


Still, like Kevin Woo said, Jackson refused to give up!


“Jackson, go away,” Amber said, exasperated. “You started this. I’m calling you after this, and I’m gonna yell at you.” 


Check out Amber’s live here: