GOT7’s Jackson Reveals What He Truly Thinks About K-Pop Stereotypes

Jackson took a look at one of K-Pop’s biggest stereotypes:

On October 1, the Zach Sang Show uploaded an in-depth interview with GOT7‘s Jackson to talk about his solo music and more. While he opened up about everything from his friendship with BTS’s RM to GOT7, Jackson also took on one of K-Pop’s biggest stereotypes.


Most K-Pop idols are completely hands-on in every aspect of their music and those who aren’t are still very active in the process. Yet people who don’t know K-Pop still think of K-Pop as being almost manufactured in a way.


After hearing how much work Jackson puts into each and every one of his pieces of music, from producing to writing, Zach decided to broach the topic of this stereotype with Jackson.

I’m just going to say from the outside perspective, people look at K-Pop and will say that it’s manufactured. That records are just handed to artists. What I’m witnessing in front of me is the complete and total opposite of that stereotype.

— Zach Sang


Jackson immediately replied that he couldn’t understand why anyone would think K-Pop is manufactured especially since he knows how much work he and his groupmates put into their songs.

First of all, I don’t know about this stereotype and it’s not true. It’s just, my group GOT7, we write our own songs and we produce everything like I would say 90% ourselves. I don’t get why it’s ‘manufactured.’ Why is there this stereotype? I don’t get it. Tell me how you guys feel.

— Jackson


After hearing Zach’s own take on why people might think of K-Pop as a “factory,” Jackson looked at the topic further and pointed out that the people who see it this way must not really be looking at the artists, their personality, and their visions.

I think it’s because they don’t want to get deep down into it. Like, you see a lot of K-Pop groups releasing a bunch of songs but if you really want to get deep and actually know every artist and their personalities and visions, it’s all different. From the outside, they see it as a bunch of songs but I don’t think it’s a good way to judge it like that.

— Jackson


Jackson further drove his point home by giving his own definition of what an idol is and how there’s a lot more to K-Pop and idols than stereotypes.

An idol to me, it’s just respecting and loving the fandom. And producing good songs too, if you’re a singer. Yeah! Just doing what you’re doing but respect the fans. Get deep down and communicate with them.

— Jackson


Watch the full interview here: