GOT7’s Jackson Wang Asks A Fan For Their Number And Creates The Most “Y/N” Moment Ever

This is the most Y/N moment ever.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is known not only for being extremely talented but for his amazing personality.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

As of late, the singer has been wow-ing audiences worldwide on his first solo tourΒ Magic Man, and various other appearances. In addition to the amazing sets and performances, Jackson has gone viral attention for the fan service he gives during the shows.

The artist recently completed the first date of the European leg of the tour and gave fans the same service that the other tour dates have been receiving.

As part of a special package, some lucky fans were able to join Jackson for an intimate soundcheck where he performed songs and greeted fans.

According to the soundcheck attendees, Jackson asked where the fun was in London. A fan responded that she was, and Jackson asked his staff to get her number!

Jackson even invited other fans to the apparent party that would be happening and joked around with other fans that they looked too young. He’s previously expressed that he wants his fans to be friends with each other, so this actually adds up!

Jackson recently held a party in Singapore that fans could attend, so it’s not a surprise that Jackson would set up a party somewhere else. To everyone’s surprise, however, Jackson actually showed up to hang out with the fans!

Jackson’s Instagram story, where he tagged all of the fans he is hanging out with.

Jackson is officially the coolest dude ever!