GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is Actually Hosting A Huge Party In Real Life – And Fans Are Able To Attend

This is like a fanfiction come to life.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has been stunning audiences with heartfelt performances on his first-ever solo world tour, the 2022-2023 Magic Man World. So far, the musician has sold out most of the concerts that have been announced.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @got7/Twitter

The first set of performances in Bangkok, Thailand, in late November set the bar high for all that are anticipating seeing Jackson perform. He went viral for sexy on-stage fan interactions while he managed to pull in some of Thailand’s biggest stars for a massive event after.

He also showed off his honest personality during his time in Thailand as well, getting vulnerable about his dating experiences during a special interview with famous host WOODY.

| @MonoEntertainment/Twitter

Following his time in Thailand, Jackson has begun preparing for his next performances, two more in Asia this year and several across Europe beginning next year. Fans in Singapore were given an extra treat when it was announced that the star himself would be hosting a special Christmas eve party!

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Jackson would be hosting a party at the famous Marina Bay Sands at the location’s infinity pool on December 24, the day after his official concert.

Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s most iconic hotel, known for its interesting shape and luxury!

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Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands | Marina Bay Sands
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The party is set to begin at 10 PM and will continue at the infinity pool until 2 AM, when the celebrations move downstairs into the Marquee club. Jackson held a TEAM WANG records party at this club earlier this year, where fans queued for hours for a chance to get in.

Tickets for this Christmas Eve party were priced at around 290 USD and quickly sold out before being restocked around 12 hours later. Tickets are currently unavailable, but fans wanting to attend can keep an eye out for announcements on the Marquee website.

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While he has only announced one party so far, who is to say Jackson won’t party with fans across the globe?








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