GOT7’s Jackson Wang Serves Major Boyfriend Vibes In New NESCAFÉ Ad

What’s hotter, Jackson Wang or coffee?

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is the new face of NESCAFÉ Thailand.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | NESCAFÉ Thailand

Recently, NESCAFÉ Thailand teased that there would be a new model for the coffee brand’s Gold Crema flavor.

Coming Soon! A round-up of the best of NESCAFÉ GOLD Crema and the best of The Finest Man to change your coffee moment.

Let’s guess together who this man is. Found the answer together on May 4th!

— NESCAFÉ Thailand

Based on the small tattoo seen on the model’s back, Ahgases (also known as iGOT7) already knew who it was! It was none other than Jackson Wang.

It was then confirmed when Thai Ahgases spotted NESCAFÉ displays, including Jackson, in stores.

Now, NESCAFÉ Thailand has officially confirmed its collaboration with Jackson Wang on social media!

This bottle is right! Prepare for the house And wait to drink NESCAFÉ GOLD CREAM with Jack on May 8th together.

— NESCAFÉ Thailand

That’s not all, though. NESCAFÉ Thailand also dropped a new commercial starring Jackson Wang…

The video begins with Jackson waking up and getting dressed before asking, “Want to have coffee with me?” He certainly doesn’t have to ask us twice…

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

He then introduces his new collaboration with NESCAFÉ Thailand. It officially launches on May 8.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and I hope to see you guys as soon as possible. I miss you guys a lot.

— Jackson Wang

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

Everyone say, “Thank you, NESCAFÉ Thailand,” for serving not only coffee but visuals…

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

Jackson can sell us anything, and we’re buying.

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

He’s serving major boyfriend vibes!

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

Waking up with a cup of coffee and Jackson? Yes, please.

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

Let’s just say that coffee is not the only thing hot around here…

| NESCAFÉ Thailand

Watch the new ad below:

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