GOT7’s Jackson Wang Explains Why He Can’t Rely On Other People

Jackson is wise beyond his years.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently sat down with Eric Nam for the latest episode of the latter’s podcast, the Daebak Show to talk about his latest studio album Magic Man, his mental health, and his perspective on his career and life.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @got7/Twitter

Eric goes through the “Mindset check-in” with Jackson, asking him how he feels at this moment, three things he is thankful for, and a phrase or slogan that he lives by. Jackson tells Eric that he feels “home” chatting with him and that he’s thankful for being able to do what he loves, being alive and that his parents are healthy.

When it comes to sharing his own personal slogan or phrase, Jackson replies that it is “never rely on people for your dreams.

Never rely on people for your dreams, because it’s your dreams, not their dreams. I’m talking about anybody. It could be your management, your whatever it is, never rely on that. They have…everyone is their own individual person, they have their own dream. Don’t rely on that, you rely on yourself.

— Jackson Wang

| DIVE Studios / 다이브 스튜디오/YouTube

After taking a second to reflect, Eric admits that it is “probably one of the deepest answers” they’ve had on the show and that he understands because it’s a difficult thing to come to realize. Jackson agrees and says that “there’s two sides of it.”

There’s two sides of it. One, there’s limited stuff that you can do as an individual, but at the same time, they’re not going to do it for you.

— Jackson Wang

| DIVE Studios / 다이브 스튜디오/YouTube

Jackson has often shared how heavily he is involved with every aspect of his music production (and all things Team Wang) and this perspective shows exactly how hardworking he is. For example, while talking about the small mistake he made while filming “Blow” for the YouTube channel STEEZY, Jackson revealed that he is involved with the post-production of his music videos.

| STEEZY/YouTube

From how grand his music videos always look and sound, it’s easy to see that his efforts are successful and that he knows how to handle things for himself! Check out the full episode below.

Source: DIVE Studios / 다이브 스튜디오