GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gets Brutally Honest About His Last Romantic Relationship

Even superstars like Jackson have relationship problems!

During his recent trip in Thailand, GOT7‘s Jackson participated in a special interview with the popular WOODY FM radio show. He discussed various topics in front of a live audience, including revealing when his last relationship was and how it didn’t go as planned.

GOT7’s Jackson (right) and WOODY (left) | @MonoEntertainment/Twitter
| @MonoEntertainment/Twitter

During the interview, host WOODY first asks Jackson if they can talk about love, and his confidently responds, of course, much to the excitement of the audience. Jackson then admits he wants to date but his mind is the reason he has issues sometimes.

I really want to date…but, it’s just that my head is…it doesn’t work.

— Jackson Wang

WOODY then asks if Jackson is dating anyone at the moment, and Jackson replies that no, he is not and that he hasn’t even been approached by anyone for a date, either! He then explains that his schedule is part of the reason why stating that even when he does meet someone he’s interested in, it is “too short to connect.

When asked when was the last time he had a “relationship,” Jackson responds that he had a “something” around a year and a half ago. A “something” is a Korean dating term referring to the ambiguous time in a relationship when two people have an interest in each other but have not committed to actually dating.

Jackson explains the relationship, first saying that there are “different levels of something” ranging from deep to not so deep, implying that his was more towards the not-deep side.

There’s different standards of something; there’s deep and there’s not deep. It’s just like “what, what the hell is going on?” You know?

— Jackson Wang

WOODY then asks Jackson how long his “something” relationship lasted, and Jackson gets hilariously worked up, stating that “it was gray.” Apparently, this relationship went on like this for so long Jackson did not know what to make of it.

It’s so grey. It’s not white, it’s not black it’s just like—to a point, “What are are we doing, we’re talking for a bit of time already, and it just feels like we’re not landing anywhere.”

— Jackson Wang

Hopefully, Jackson’s next relationship is a lot less ambiguous and he will have everything that he deserves!