GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gets Real About Being Assigned A Role In The Group And How The Members Feel About Their Past Music

GOT7 are always super honest with each other and their fans.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently sat down with Eric Nam for the latest episode of the latter’s podcast, the Daebak Show to talk about his latest studio album Magic Man, his mental health struggles, and give insight into his life as both a solo artist and a member of GOT7.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | L’OFFICIEL

Eric first asked Jackson about the journey from being “GOT7’s Jackson” to a solo artist Jackson and how that has reflected in his musical choices. Jackson debuted as one of GOT7’s rappers and Eric shares that he had that perception of him prior to the release of his album, something that Jackson said he didn’t really have a choice in.

What else are you gonna do, man? You’re assigned to do that, you gotta listen to the boss.

— Jackson Wang


Eric then asks about how he found his musical sound Jackson responds by saying that he “just kept on doing it” and experimenting til he found exactly what he liked. While Jackson has taken several different musical directions than before, he adds that what he did in GOT7 was “still him.

For GOT7, I think there are things, like, that are still me. It’s still me but at the same time it’s not. Even for the other members, you know…great, all the songs we did, we were very commited to them, but do you think it was really what ever individual member, do you think it’s exactly what they wanted to do? I don’t think so.

— Jackson Wang

He elaborates further saying,

We got together, we’re this project and then we’re asked to do this. To us, that moment, everything was an opportunty to us. So whatever you guys give me, whatever task you give us, we’ll kill it. We will try out best to adapt to it, adjust to it and kill it. But every single member has their own very specific style.

— Jackson Wang

Each member of GOT7 have released their own solo music since the group’s departure from JYP Entertainment in January 2021, and have been able to show fans their own individual colors. When the group reunited in May 2022 for “NaNaNa” several members stated that this sound was the most “GOT7” ever.

GOT7 | @M2MPD/Twitter

Jackson has previously talked about how his bond with GOT7 is more than just business, so it’s great to hear that the members are able to promote themselves individually in the way that they desire and as a group.

Check out the full podcast below!