GOT7’s Jackson Wang Reveals Why GOT7’s Comeback Was Special To Him

“It means more than business to me.”

Following his massive performance at Rajamangala Stadium during The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022 Opening Show in Thailand, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has been a hot topic online! From going viral for his kindness to his brutal honesty during interviews, fans have been loving Jackson’s activities in the country.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | L’OFFICIEL

During an exclusive interview with WOODY FM, Jackson was candid about a variety of topics including his thoughts and feelings about GOT7’s first comeback since leaving JYP Entertainment in January 2021.

| WOODY/YouTube

When asked about GOT7’s comeback, Jackson described the comeback process as “chaos but fun.” GOT7 are known for being loud, rambunctious, and fun regardless of their surroundings so that description makes perfect sense!

We went though the good times and the bad times. We used to hate each other, now, then we love each other and then we hate and then we love. It’s like a family. It was really fun.  It was more than business to me.

— Jackson Wang

| WOODY/YouTube

Jackson then talked about GOT7’s first tour as the most memorable moment of his time with GOT7 because it made everything they went through as trainees seem worth it.  He shared that, in his opinion, tours were an important milestone because it’s when they felt like they were successful.

GOT7 during their first concert world tour, GOT7 1st World Tour: Fly. | @GOT7_official/Twitter

Jackson also discussed the training process while under JYP Entertainment as something that was memorable to him. He described it as an elimination process project cycle where trainees were eliminated each week. He said that “each week we feel like we’re about to die, but we are the seven that made it to the final round.” During the process, Jackson says that all the members cried a lot. Other groups currently under JYP Entertainment have discussed how difficult the trainee process is.

I remember once we were back in our dorm. The Korean members(Jay B, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Yugyeom) were like ‘if we don’t make it through this week then I feel so sorry. We can just, because we’re in Korea, but you guys gave everything up and came here. You guys would have to go back to your hometown.’ […] That moment I remember, we all cried.

— Jackson Wang

GOT7 before their official debut (in white t-shirts).

For Jackson, being back around the other members of GOT7 felt like all the best parts of “a summer vacation“, something that fans definitely can agree with!

You can check out the full interview below: