What Really Happens During JYP Entertainment’s Strictest Monthly Test For Trainees, According To NMIXX

Trainees couldn’t avoid it.

Monthly evaluations are important for K-Pop companies to see the skill levels of their trainees. The better a trainee is, the more likely that they will be accepted into the debut lineup.

JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX recently held a live broadcast for fans in one of the company’s training rooms.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

The setting reminded them of the monthly evaluations, tests, and showcases they used to have as trainees. Out of them all, it was the “free monthly test” that was the most difficult. Lily even described it as a smaller-scale showcase!

  • Haewon: When we were trainees, we had monthly tests, and we did a private showcase.
  • NMIXX: We had another one. Free monthly test? Free monthly test.
  • Lily: It’s kind of a showcase only for trainees but a small version.

These monthly tests were held in a room very similar to the one they were in, and they were even allowed to invite their family and friends.

We invited only family and acquaintances. We had it in this kind of room.

— Haewon

Sullyoon in a training room | @nmixx_official/Instagram

What made it difficult was coming up with the choreographies by themselves. They also sang live without the help of any backing vocals.

  • Lily: It was very important, too.
  • Haewon: Because we made all choreographies as a team. It was really hard to make choreographies.
  • NMIXX: And we organized all parts.
  • Jiwoo: We didn’t record it. It was just live.
  • Lily: Well, we were live. We didn’t have any backing vocal. We organized parts and selected songs by ourselves.

Lily then remembered the most challenging part of the monthly tests—freestyle dancing. To wrap up the day, they’d end with a fun yet nerve-wracking dance session.

  • Lily: For me, this was really hard—freestyle. We always did it at the end of our performance.
  • Jiwoo: One by one, when the music was on, we danced freestyle. It was random. We did freestyle in front of our acquaintances.

Haewon further explained what it was like. She revealed that all trainees were called to the stage. A random song was played, and the host called out a trainee’s name. They weren’t allowed to back out, even if they were nervous and lacked confidence.

After the free monthly test, all trainees are on the stage. After that, the company plays a random song. When the MCs call your name, you come forward. When your name is called, you should dance. Even if you don’t have any confidence, you have to dance somehow.

— Haewon

Knowing how talented the NMIXX members are, they likely didn’t have much of a problem with these tests! See just how skilled they are in the article below.

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Source: Naver Live