All 7 NMIXX Members Show Off Insane Live Vocals While Waiting Backstage At Music Shows

One of the best vocal groups to date!

Even before JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX made their debut, they were already impressing K-Pop fans with their raw talent.

The covers they released were always met with praise, quickly raking in hundreds of thousands—sometimes even millions—of views!

They went on to debut with the title track “O.O,” which can be described as a fun and energetic pop song that still allows their strong vocals to shine.

To see just how talented these girls really are, look no further than their informal practices while waiting for their first music show performances.

The members refused to waste any time backstage, instead deciding to warm up by singing their respective lines in the “O.O” track. Bae was the first to be filmed, and she confidently sang the words “Like O.O,” which appear in the chorus.

Next, maknae Kyujin danced as she sang, “Never let you down, be with me.”

The camera cut to leader Haewon asking Lily what might happen if she did an ad-lib during the performance.

What would happen if I suddenly do a surprise ad-lib on a live show?

— Haewon

She proceeded to demonstrate the ad-lib she had in mind, and it was nothing short of amazing!

With Jiwoo beside her, Jinni practiced her “Watch out, baila baila baila. Watch it, how nice, how nice” lines.

Jiwoo and Sullyoon warmed up their voices off-camera.

On the other hand, Bae and Lily could be seen sitting down beside each other and singing their parts.

Taking the camera for herself, Lily impressed with her crisp vocals in the line, “Come on just one drop now eye drops.”

In their Inkigayo backstage performance, she was described as having “swallowed a CD again” because of her incredible voice, and that’s as accurate a description as it can get!

Seeing the members warming up together is further proof of their stable and clear vocals. It’s as if their talents have no boundaries!

To hear just how good the NMIXX members really were, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube