NMIXX Goes Viral For Flawless Live Singing Skills On Live Stream

“They’re all great but because Lily…”

NMIXX is only a month into their debut, and they’re already tearing up the scene as monster rookies. Although they already proved their dance skills with the hard-to-master “O.O”, this time they went viral for their flawless live singing skills.

As the second week of March 2022 was occupied by the South Korean presidential elections, the girls could not perform live on both M! Countdown and The Show. They instead treated their fans to a practice room live session through live stream.

Needless to say, the girls rocked the performance! As the user @thinkofkyujin points out, the girls delivered despite having an average age of only 19 years old. For a group that are still all minors, they went above and beyond.

It’s so touching that this is the live skills of a group who’s average age is 19 years old. It’s unbelievable.

— @thinkofkyujin

The public’s anticipation for the group’s future went up by leaps and bounds just from this single video. Main vocal Lily was praised in particular.

| theqoo
  • “Lily’s high notes are really the best…”
  • “It’s such a reversal that the intro rap is also totally live… So I see that such a voice and projection can be done live too”
  • “JYP really sharpened their knives. Even their live singing is perfect”
  • “They’re all great but because Lily holds down the center well, overall they look like they’re good. Their live is so good”
  • “Wow they’re all great but Lily’s projection and vocal color is crazy. It’s even better to hear it completely live. NMIXX babies, hwaiting”
  • “They’re so freaking good at live singing such that it makes me sick of hearing that their song is tacky. They’re so good”
  • “*shaking* Amazing”

With this, they’ve certainly solidified their position as the rookies to watch out for in 2022!

Source: theqoo