GOT7 Show Their Love For BamBam By Mobbing Him In Chaotic Birthday Celebration

They chose violence.

GOT7‘s BamBam is well-known as the chaotic younger sibling in the GOT7 family. When he celebrated his birthday with his members, they made sure to show their love for him in a way he wouldn’t forget!

BamBam and Jay B | @BamBam1A/Twitter

BamBam’s birthday is on May 2, which this year fell squarely in the time when the members were preparing for their highly-anticipated comeback.

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The members spent about three months working on the comeback album, GOT7. In an interview, Jackson Wang revealed that it had been impossible for them to work on it for longer than those three months as each member had a busy solo schedule. Not only that, but he and Mark Tuan don’t reside in Korea anymore, making things even more complicated.

Yet, the members made every effort to make the comeback happen. And according to Jackson, they did it because, at the end of the day, they’re all family!

Even though it was not easy, I saw that I had to do it. Because you can’t forget what’s important. It’s easy to say, but we all have one mind, but things are complicated now that we’re in different companies. This is a family.

— Jackson Wang

As family, they celebrated BamBam’s birthday with a surprise party in the practice room that quickly turned chaotic—even after an already chaotic dance practice.

The surprise started out ‘normally,’ with the members singing BamBam “Happy Birthday” as Jay B carried the cake in.

| GOT7/YouTube 

BamBam soon found himself on the receiving end of some not-so-gentle physical affection from Jackson…

…but things remained mostly peaceful until he blew out his candle.

The peace didn’t last, of course. As soon as BamBam blew out the candle, his members immediately mobbed him in an attempt to smear icing on his face. BamBam tried to escape but to no avail, since Yugyeom and Jackson kept him from running.

As the chaos unfolded, Ahgases couldn’t help pointing out that Jay B seemed to be particularly enjoying smearing the icing on BamBam’s face. At one point, BamBam simply gave up and ceased his struggle.

Of course, Jay B did not only choose violence. He was seen gently petting BamBam’s head afterward as well, showing the dual nature of their ‘Tom and Jerry‘ dynamic.

GOT7 truly are the ultimate chaotic family!

When asked afterward how he felt about his birthday surprise, BamBam recalled the other time he’d been similarly celebrated and said, “It’s a good memory. Thanks, members!”

Hopefully, BamBam will be able to celebrate many more birthdays with his members in the future!

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