GOT7’s Jackson Wang Carries This One Gift From His Mom With Him Everywhere He Goes

Jackson’s relationship with his mom is the sweetest.

In a recent interview with Singles KoreaGOT7‘s Jackson Wang showed viewers what was in his bag. Like everything he does, Jackson was completely real and honest, even giving out a little more information than needed at times.

| SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

Jackson’s fourth item, a golden gourd necklace, was a gift from his mother that he always carried around with him. In Chinese culture, the gourd symbolizes fortune and wealth and is often a good luck charm that can protect the carrier/wearer from evil.

Along with the Chinese word for luck engraved into the pendant, Jackson feels safe when he carries the necklace around. He brings his mother’s wishes for his safety and fortune everywhere he goes.

Another reason why he carries it around is that according to Chinese superstition, those born in the year of the dog like Jackson will either have the best luck or the worst in the year of the tiger. From what’s been going on so far this 2022, Jackson’s fortune has been far from the worst: he’s had a comeback with GOT7, performed at huge concerts, and his upcoming album MAGICMAN is sure to be a hit.

While on the topic of gifts from his mother, Jackson also explained that the red bracelet he was wearing was also a gift from his mom.

Jackson’s been wearing the bracelet since 2018, the most recent year of the dog. It’s a gift parents often give to their children in China, again for good fortune, and when he asked his mom when he could take it off, she said that he had to wear it until it fell off on its own.

So, like the obedient son he is, Jackson’s never taken off the bracelet, even for his commercial deals.

The red bracelet carries his mother’s love and hope for him, so even if he were allowed to take it off, Jackson probably wouldn’t. After all, everyone knows that Jackson dotes on his parents just as much as they dote on him.