GOT7’s Jackson Wang Hits Back At Someone Trying To Kill His Vibe

It happened at an after-party.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang hit back at someone…

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Recently, Jackson hosted an after-party during the Thailand leg of his 2022-2023 MAGIC MAN World Tour. He performed three concerts there over the weekend.

A video clip of Jackson at the exclusive after-party went viral. The video below has 82.8K views on Twitter at the time of writing. Jackson can be heard saying, “You always do this to me. Stop! I love my people. I love them,” after lightly hitting the person out of frame.

International netizens were impressed that he handled the situation as calmly as he did, especially considering he had been drinking.

Based on Thai netizen comments from those who had witnessed the entire incident, it appeared that Jackson wanted to socialize with everyone but was intoxicated already. So, a concerned friend/guard was trying to hold him back.

So, it likely was not anything too serious! It’s good that Jackson is surrounded by people as concerned for him as he is for others.

Source: TF221281

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