GOT7’s Jackson Wang Begs Fans Not To Wait Outside For Him

It was raining.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang begged fans not to wait outside for him.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @GOT7/Twitter


Jackson is well-known for his genuine love for fans.

Recently, he has garnered attention for his unbelievable fan service during his 2022-2023 MAGIC MAN World Tour concerts.

He’s gone viral on many occasions due to treating them kindly, whether hugging or protecting them.


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Above all else, Jackson is concerned for his fans’ safety and well-being. So, recently, when he found out a group was outside a night market he was at, waiting for him in the rain, he went outside himself to ask them to leave. He was met with excited screams, but he continued to gesture for them to leave.

Jackson also took to Twitter to express his concern for their health. Again, he asked everyone to be safe and not wait outside when it was raining.

Normally, Jackson is eager to meet fans and doesn’t usually let the weather stop him, but it must have been severe this time. He is always concerned about fans, first and foremost!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Doesn’t Let The Rain Stop Him From Seeing Fans

Jackson’s international fanpage shared context about what happened that night.

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